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What are YOUR favourite business English tools, and why? List them here in the table. To do so click on Edit This Page at the top, enter your text, and don't forget to click Save when you've finished.

Reasons why favourite
Any drawbacks?
Any other comments and others' replies
Laptop & projector
Amazingly flexible. I can use it to show texts I've pre-prepared (doesn't need to be PowerPoint - can also be Word documents, images, whatever); can use it to have one Word document open throughout the lesson in which I "gather" any incidental language, then save it and send it to students at end of lesson; can use it to pull up materials that I hadn't anticipated using but that I know I have stored on my hard drive...
Danger of relying on it too much - if there's no projector or if there's another problem the jitters set in!
Need to carry loudspeakers too if the room is big.
IPOD & speakers
It's possible to store CDs, DVDs, podcasts and countless other media in enormous quantity. For example, every coursebook CD in your library will take up only a fraction of the available space.
Transferring the audio and video is quite easy but takes some discipline.