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Teach Business English, Sylvie Donna, Cambridge, ISBN 978-0521 585576
Clearly written, practical, comprehensive, useful for novices as well as experienced teachers

The Internet and Business English, Barney Barrett and Pete Sharma, Summertown, ISBN 1-902 - 74177-3
Practical; downloadable worksheets on the Summertown website. Includes teacher training tasks.

Highly Commended English Speaking Union Awards
How to Teach Business English, 2005, Evan Frendo, Longman, ISBN 0582 77996 0
A general introduction to the topic, including chapters on the features of BE and intercultural training, as well as a comprehensive task file.

Often used as the course book on BE trainer courses
Teaching English for International Business RJ Goddard 2007, authorsonline
Comprehensive overview of BE teaching, often from an academic perspective.