Conference Agreement


I: Financial Details

1.1. to prepare a draft budget based on (number expected) participants for approval by the BESIG Events Coordinator, the BESIG Treasurer and IATEFL Executive Officer. No advertising of the event may be done until approval has been given.
1.2. to open a separate account for all BESIG transactions and to employ correct bookkeeping procedures acceptable to the BESIG Treasurer.
1.3. to keep details of all expenses incurred in connection with the conference; to ensure official receipts are obtained of all expenditures
1.4. to take Day/Month/Year as the 'call off date' by which the viability of the event is reviewed. If there are insufficient registrations the event must be cancelled. Cancellation must be communicated in writing.
1.5. to keep in continuous contact through the BESIG Events Coordinator.
1.6. to invoice publishers immediately on receipt of their request for space and to supply IATEFL Head Office with details of sums due
1.7. to prepare the final accounts by Day/Month/Year after the conference and send them to the BESIG Treasurer for forwarding to IATEFL.

Please note: all payments for the 2005 conference will be in Euros

The organisers are entitled to 10% (ten percent) of the net proceeds. This sum will be paid to the organisers by IATEFL Head Office when the final accounting has been made and the sum involved clear. Normally the entire proceeds of the conference should be paid into the IATEFL/BESIG account and the account closed officially by Day/Month.

Please note: Unless otherwise stated the BESIG Events Coordinator is the only liaison person in all matters concerning the conference. This is to avoid confusion.

2: Venue Details

2.1. to provide the conference venue at : Full details of the venue which includes a large room for plenary sessions seating at least (number expected) people, various sized rooms for seminars (at least 8), suitable room/space for a large resources exhibition, space for registration desks, a lockable room for committee/speaker valuables and luggage, cloakroom facilities
2.2. to organise for the provision of appropriate technical equipment/facilities when required in all rooms at the venue. OHP, cassette/CD recorders, video recorders, power point beamers
2.3. to organise some free parking and easy access for the publishers for loading and unloading
2.4. to arrange for refreshments to be served in the breaks, free of charge to every registered participant
2.5. to have a 'cafeteria' selling coffee/tea/soft drinks and snacks which will be open throughout the conference if possible
2.6. to recruit/hire local helpers (technicians, cleaners, students) to monitor rooms
2.7. to provide accommodation details. Ideally, the local tourist bureau should offer reduced rates and organise bookings directly with delegates to save work for organiser

Additional Points:

The BESIG committee will require a room from 12 noon on the Thursday to before 1 p.m. on the Friday before the conference for their autumn committee meeting. Refreshments should be available as well as sandwiches and fruit for lunch - 50% vegetarian. They will also require a room on Saturday afternoon, from 16:30, for the BESIG AGM (Annual General Meeting). Hotel accommodation will also be required for 3-4 nights. There should be no charges to BESIG for the use of the meeting rooms required. The other costs incurred by the BESIG committee will be paid for by BESIG and are not part of the conference. The BESIG Co