Please add below any ideas you may have for re-classifying the many links to be found on the BESIG website's Links page. The idea is to make this a more user-friendly reference tool for members and Business English teachers in general. Once the re-grouping has taken place the repository of resources can be developed with and further additions that may be suggested.

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Please add your suggestions and comments here:

- I think you should use skills.
-or divide it up by function
- once this kind of thing gets above a certain size, anything that does not use a good system of tags becomes fairly pointless. Think of the BESIG site. It might be useful to me because it is to do with business English, professional associations, teaching languages, etc. I would therefore strongly suggest that the list should be run on an external site, unless Wikispaces can manage such a task. I know that adds yet another location for BESIG resources, but there are probably ways to link intelligently through the wiki. Any of the general options wiould probably do the trick, delicious, digg, Diigo, etc.
-I must admit I hadn't come across Diigo before - that does look as if it could be quite useful - does anyone here use it? Yes I do (Kevin Westbrook - author of above comment). I find it very usable, but I am sure any number of sites would do the trick. Contact me off-site if you want to discuss Diigo (kevin.westbrook at